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Norwalk-La Mirada Preschool Programs

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"Go For Six" Help us meet our Non-Federal Share by volunteering in the classroom or completing at home activities for at least six hours per month.
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About Our Programs

The Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District offers a variety of services to pregnant mothers and children aged 0-5 based on eligibility and program guidelines.

Preschool classes are located at eleven sites. Our early childhood education programs emphasize literacy and the arts and base lessons on Head Start Child Outcomes and California State Preschool Learning Foundations.

We use the principles of the High Scope curriculum, which means using lessons appropriate to what each child is ready to learn. Additionally, our bilingual and English language development programs assist us in preparing our English learners for their school careers.

Spanish language instruction is an option for all students, including those who already speak English.